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a.k.a. JoyAlma
I usually go by Joy or Joyous.

I love to draw. I spend frivolous hours playing video games, watching anime, and being on the internet in general.

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Meet Miles Morales, voiced by Donald Glover! (x)


here it is

Alpha Year One appreciation set


"You’re probably thinking that this can’t be happening, but I’m going to die. This is my last day. If i knew this was going to happen, I would of got up earlier. I wouldn’t of slept in and I wouldn’t of been late. I would of fried that tenpuru better, and the stupid boy at school wouldn’t have been thrown into me. I thought today was suppose to be a nice day."


I read up on this and someone also said this “The metal bender who saved Korra’s father the end of Book 3’s finale was voiced by Robin Williams daughter. She got to act out a character who saved an important father figure, when she was unable to save her own” 


rwby girls & dramatic in mid air closeups

Sonic blogs

If you make sonic gifs/edits, like this post and I will check your stuff out.