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a.k.a. JoyAlma
I usually go by Joy or Joyous.

I love to draw, play video games, and frivolously spend hours on the internet, anime in particular.

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Saint Oniisan

Personajes: Jesus and Buddha

Sorry guys, this is it. These are the greatest cosplays ever done. Nuff said. I’m out. Never cosplaying again because these are so perf.

This spider was hitching a ride on my car on my way to school today. No idea how it got there since my car didn’t brush by any trees.

I wanted to get a better picture, but my friend didn’t want her phone too close to it despite the windshield is separating it from us.


look at this bird ok


give me more boys to beat up


Here’s a watercolor wash of Hanekawa and her cat apparitions. Still WIP